Review: Paperless Post

The nice people at Paperless Post gave us some coins to use to check out their site and the discover the digital cards they offer. is a digital card or “e-card” site that offers a premium custom digital card experience. PTB has been on the receiving end of their cards in the past, but we’d never really dug into all they have to offer.  It was a ton of fun going through all their options (OMG SO MANY OPTIONS!) and seeing what customizable features each card has.

Paperless Post allows you to send digital cards for almost any situation for a per send price. You can customize everything from the card and it’s background to the envelope and it’s liner to the stamp and postmark. Some of the customization options are included, some of them will increase the price of the card to send.

Once you’re done you see how much the total price to send your card is.  You can send one or 101, there is no max or minimum, allowing you to send out birthday cards, party invitations, thank you cards, or just a quick note on personalized digital stationery.

Paperless post works on a coin base system. Each card has a basic coin/send price (as low as 2 coins) and some of the customizations will add on to this cost. The larger the coin package you buy, the cheaper it will be to send your cards. In doing the math, I was happy to see that the coin packages are reasonably priced allowing you to do a midrange package and still see good savings.

I created a sample save the date for my upcoming wedding as my test for this post. I liked the added features that the card offered. It allows you to get address information and creates an event page for your event.

I really like all the options that Paperless Post offers and the extras you can get beyond sending the card. I also appreciate that you can send just one card if that’s also you need to send, you don’t have to buy 20 copies of a card.

I would totally recommend. It’s a great way to send personalized digital cards for any occasion.

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