There’s a Million Things I haven’t Done, but Seeing Hamilton isn’t One of Them.

I didn’t waste my shot this time, I got my tickets and I saw Hamilton the American Musical in Chicago.

A year ago I won the lottery to the hit musical in Chicago. This was pre-app, where the way you found out you won was through email. I was totally bummed out that I missed the email and didn’t get to buy the tickets. But my luck came back and I won the lottery again!

Side note, if you don’t have the Hamilton App, GO DOWNLOAD NOW! it makes it super easy to enter the lottery in whatever city all in one place.  But if you cant download the app, you can enter the lottery online as well. Click HERE to enter.
Get it on Google PlayDownload on the Apple store

I had been entering the lottery pretty much every day since losing last summer. The App has made it so much easier with notifications. I had gotten so used to the “It’s only a matter of time” message that when I got something different I did a double take.  Buying the tickets through the app was super easy. And my boyfriend and I got to see Hamilton for $20 + tax, CRAZY!

The tickets we got were for the 2nd row on a Friday night show. My boyfriend was super cute. Our tickets said obstructed view, and this being is first musical, he had no clue what to expect.  Have you guessed what our obstruction was?   Yep, the stage. He was a little shocked our tickets were so close to the stage.

The CIBC theatre is amazing and beautiful. And was a great setting for the show. The show starts with King George asking everyone to turn off their cell phones and all that good stuff, and then you are off to the races.

I, like most of the world, has listened to the soundtrack quite a bit, but seeing the staging of the show brought the music and lyrics to life.  The staging of Dear Theodosia was simple and perfect.  Helpless into Satisfied, OMG those turntables!  The bits of the show that aren’t included in the soundtrack are heartbreaking.  The show is just amazing.

If Lin-Manuel Miranda is the brainy Hamilton and Javier Munoz is the sexy Hamilton, Miguel Cervantes is the “young, scrappy and hungry” Hamilton, and the Son’s of Liberty totally followed Miguel’s lead.  I left like the show was so Chicago. Miguel was like a boxer on that stage dancing around his opponents and being larger than life. Ebrin R. Stanley as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison was pure perfection. The way he styled his beany, LOVED IT! Jin Ha as Aaron Burr, you could see the tension and frustration rising up. And I totally got the point that Burr didn’t stand for anything, he went where the wind blew for him to move up and have the success he was seeing others achieve.

And Andrew Call as King George, I have no words. The King George songs on the soundtrack are cheeky and slightly mad, but Andrew brought it to a whole new level. His facial features and shoulder moves and the way he held the royal scepter, and the way he delivered the lyrics made the character so much more. He was amazing.

Being in the second row was the perfect way to see the show for the first time. We were right there and were forced to follow the action and look right and who was telling the story at that moment. The obstructed view didn’t let you see the floor of the stage or the back half, so you aren’t as overwhelmed by the pageantry of it all. It also gave an amazing look at the costumes.  I can’t wait to see it again in October (we snagged unobstructed balcony seats for our birthday weekend) and be able to take it all in.

We even stage doored after the show and met some of the cast.

I highly recommend checking out Hamilton if you can. Everyone in the audience is excited to be there and the cast is excited to share their craft and the amazing production with you.

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