Museum of Us Review

The Museum of Us is the story of mental illness and the desire to escape reality.  For Sadie, that leads her down a dangerous road.

The story starts with Sadie getting into a car accident. We think she has someone in the car with her, George. As the story unfolds at the hospital, we learn that George is not real and that this is Sadie’s biggest secret. Sadie has created this world in her head full of adventure and intrigue to escape the real world.

I appreciated the fact that Sadie’s real world wasn’t one full of horrors. She is a typical girl going through typical high school and life issues, and she suffers from depression. This story makes mental illness approachable and shows how easy it is to slide down the rabbit hole.

I’ll admit that this story isn’t the typical contemporary I read. I keep trying, but I like a little more in my contemporaries. The Museum of Us is Sadie’s story, it’s her journey to be able to tell her secret. I like a little more than just the journey.  With that said, the story is well written and I thought Tara did a great job of making both of Sadie’s worlds real.


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