Game of Thrones DVD Season 7 Fan Screening Chicago Recap #GOT7DVD

09A few weeks ago, Game of Thrones announced a three-city tour to celebrate the release of the Season 7 DVD/Bluray Release. I immediately jumped on getting tickets to the Chicago event and was then offered press passes to the event as well. Either way, I was set. I had my proof of purchase for the Bluray (because, yes, this girl owns all the Blurays!) to use my fan tickets and was on the press list.

The event was at the AMC River East in downtown Chicago, a theatre I have come to know well. Fans were immediately greeted with a banner celebrating the release and then there were some fun interactive stations to check out while we waited for the screening to start.  I loved that these stations were open to the public. You didn’t have to have tickets to the screening to get your picture taken on the Iron Throne or Throne at Drangonstone.

HBO also had the Dragonstone Map Table and a nice display of props and pictures. And a couple cool displays of the Blurays, one for the Season 7 release and one for the seven season box set. It wasn’t as elaborate of a display as they put on for the season 6 release event, but it was nice to experience while waiting for the episode screening. And really, the screening was what I was most excited for.

After checking everything out, we went up to the screening area. At check-in, we got wristbands that indicated we were there for the screening. Up at the theatre we got nice reusable cups with the Night King’s profile on the front and the Fan Screening information on the back, popcorn and programs for what we’d be seeing.

The fan screening included the whole Conquests & Rebellion animated history or the 7 Kingdoms, a sizzle reel showing some of the other exclusive extras and episode 4 Spoils of War.

I saw Season 4 ep 9 & 10 in IMAX back in 2015 and was blown away then. Seeing Spoils of War and the amazingly animated Conquests & Rebellion on the big screen blew my mind. It totally lived up to my expectations.  The screening started with the sizzle reel and moved into the Conquests & Rebellion, and then moved to Spoils of War. It was a great progression through the pieces and got you ready to watch for all the details put into the episode.

I have a pretty large TV at home, but seeing this show on a movie theatre screen, nothing compares. You see the detail of blood spraying and the fire exploding and the animation just come to life. There is so much detail put into this show that’s lost watching it on a TV, which is crazy because that’s it’s intended viewing size.

If you ever get a chance to see Game of Thrones in theatres, do it, it’s an experience that will how you hoping you’ll get to do it again soon!

Here are a few pics from the event. Click to view their caption. Then head over to Facebook to see the rest.

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