#sharethewonder WONDER by R.J. Palacio | Book Review

I read this book this summer, and it left such an impression on me that I chose to re-read it again for Anti-Bullying Week (and the anti-bully reads readathon). Sarah Churchill (yes, that Sarah from BookTube) started a readathon a few years ago, which focused on anti-bully books.

I have to tell you guys that it was absolutely one of my favorite weeks, because my reading focused on a cause that is near to my heart. Like so many of us quiet introverts, I was bullied in elementary school. Sad to say, that times haven’t changed all that much, in spite of all the education, mean girls (and boys) still exist, and now they have social media at their disposal.

That’s where stories like WONDER come in. I know that through education, we can make a difference. If these bullies are made to understand the ramifications of their actions, perhaps change can finally happen. Just look at our current news cycle for confirmation that change is possible.

So, if you’ve been hesitating to pick up WONDER or see the movie based on the book, STOP procrastinating. Pick up the book at your library, book store, grocery store — it’s simply everywhere now. What you’ll find inside the pages is a story about a wonderful family and their son, 10-year-old Auggie, who was born with a birth defect. He has been homeschooled, but he bravely decides it’s time to go to public school. The resulting moments are filled with much worry, sadness, literal laugh-out-loud moments and an understanding that deepens our resolve to make this world a better place for everyone. In a word, this book is heartwarming.

I’m encouraging all parents and middle-schoolers, in particular, to pick up a copy of the book. In our selfie obsessed world, meeting a character like Auggie will change your perception of what’s truly important — friendships and family.

To see what other books, I added to my anti-bully reads TBR, check out my video below. A wrap-up video will be edited very soon:



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