Unboxing Fridays: Upcoming Middle Grade Reads from Penguin Kids + July Hebel Design Box

Stacey unboxes a box of middle grade reads for Fall from Penguin Kids, and also the last Hebel Design subscription box. We are all sad that Hebel Design has decided to end the sub boxes, but I know that Vivi will continue making artistic jewelry that will tug at our fangirl hearts. Here’s a quote from her news post:

The last of the subscription boxes theme will be announced July 1st! This project will also come to an end. I appreciate the support from all of you who have tried it out, I really hope you like the last theme because it’s one of my all time favorite!

She has also decided to focus on more of the popular items, so be sure to grab some of your favorites before they are no longer around. Her sale will last through July 15th. ACOTAR, Shadowhunters and Grishaverse items will remain in the store.

Now, click over and see what was in the Penguin books and the July Hebel Design boxes:


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