#FamousinLove Recap: Leaving Los Angeles

Leaving Los Angeles starts off right where Fifty Shades of Red leaves off, with Rainer being dragged off the red carpet of Jordan’s movie premiere. He’s shoved into a car and Alan gets in after him, Jordan also climbs in and the three drive off. The three have an awkward car ride with Rainer telling Jordan about his parentage and Rainer blowing up again about the whole thing.While stopped at a red light, Rainer jumps out of the SUV and gets into a convertible full of girls and they drive off.

Cassie and Paige get their girls night in any way after the disastrous red carpet. Cassie is waiting at the apartment for Paige when she gets home, and we hear on the TV that Barret has the scoop on what set Rainer off. The girls night gets interrupted when Rainer calls from a bar on CMU’s campus. Thanks to social media the girls are able to find the bar, but just miss him as the bar has closed for the night.

Paige is on set the next morning, and no one has heard from Rainer since he called from the bar. She talks with Jordan and finds out a bit of the story of what caused Rainer to start drinking. Nina addresses the whole cast and crew about what happened at the premiere asking that if anyone hears from him to let her know asap since he’s “not well.” Scenes get moved around because the movie must go on. Paige takes a moment because they were supposed to shoot the sex scene today… Paige gets released from set and gets home to find paparazzi and Jake packing up his stuff.

Paige gets a little huffy with Jake, but the two end up having a good conversation. But things get a little more sideways when Cassie comes home and starts packing up as well. Cassie and Jake seem to be doing what’s right for them, but that doesn’t leave Paige with very many friends.

Alexis meets with Newcastle and Rachel about Jake’s former script, “No Place Like Us.” She comes thinking that they are going to talk about the script and she’s set to give her notes. But looks like what comes around goes around and she’s actually meeting with them to be fired off the movie.

Paige and Alexis have it out over Jake leaving after cut is called on their scene because Paige said Jake’s name instead of her line. Their conversation finds its way to the topic of Rainer after each throws jabs about the other going back off into obscurity if the movie shuts down. Alexis brings up a park that he used to go to before he got sober the last time.  The conversation gets cut short when action is called on the next take.

Nina is having to put out the fires because of Rainer’s MIA session. LOCKED has about a day and a half before they have to shut down. Nina and Alan have a little chat and she reveals her affair with Jordan and the two realize they are way too much alike and that’s why thinks would not have worked out between them.

Paige finds Rainer at the park Alexis directed her to. Rainer is cynical about why she’s there. And even makes a bad joke about there being Uber now so no worries about drunk driving when she brings up his accident that got him sober 3+ years earlier. No matter what she says, he still thinks she’s there for the movie and not him. He shows back up at his apartment, still drunk hours after his conversation with Paige. Jordan is there cleaning up all the liquor.

After seeing how Rainer is, Jordan calls Barret and tries to make a deal for Barret to not reveal his affair with Nina. He offers to give an exclusive about his past to save Rainer from being hurt yet again.

Rachel brings Alexis’ check by her apartment. The two hook-up after Rachel confesses that Alexis was right, she is becoming a heartless bitch. But Alexis is getting her revenge, she’s getting the whole thing on tape.

The next day, Rainer shows up in Nina’s office ready to get back to work. He wants to take responsibility for everything, but Nina still wants to spin everything.

The trio has one last goodbye as Jake leaves to go back to Texas and Cassie moves in with Adam. But at least they seem to be on better terms now, so maybe their’s hope for the future.  Paige runs after Jake as he pulls away, paparazzi capturing the whole tragic moment. Paige ends up back inside walking in Jakes empty bedroom. She discovers a copy of Jake’s script and she finally reads it.

Paige ends up back inside walking in Jakes empty bedroom. She discovers a copy of Jake’s script and she finally reads it. She finally knows what everyone else has, the Jake’s in love with her and the script is about what he wanted them to be. She calls and leaves him a long message, she’s upset that he never talked to her and asked how she felt.

Tangey confronts Nina about her relationship with Jordan. Tangey figured out that Jordan had lied about his age, and his relationship with Nina started before he was 18. Tangey uses this to blackmail Nina into being the only Time Sourserous, and if Nina doesn’t comply, she’ll tell Barret everything.

Barret gets shot outside his studio right in his labeled parking spot.

The cast all starts showing up for the press junket. Rainer and Paige are the first to arrive, with Nina shortly behind Paige. Nina gives Paige a little direction for the interviews about putting on a united front and being positive. Rainer and Paige talk before their first interview, and the story comes full circle with Paige offering to step in for him this time if things get too tough.

Alexis gets asked about her “sex tape” with Rachel during the press junket. She’s acting upset over the whole situation and saying that Rachel recorded the video, but no one knows who leaked it. In the panel press conference with Alan, Nina, Rainer, Paige, and Jordan, the press just keep asking question over question to Rainer to the point that he couldn’t even answer if he wanted to. Paige steps in and says his recovery is a private matter. The press then starts in on asking her if she’s really dating Rainer, and just as she’s about to answer Jake shows up and professes his love. Again, she’s about to answer the question, who is she dating, she looks to Rainer and he holds up their crossed finger sign indicating this is too much.

And that’s the end of season 1 – Who will Paige choose, Jake or Rainer, and who shot Barret?

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