#FamousinLove Recap: Fifty Shades of Red

Paige wakes up for the first time to an empty house after the trio has kind of gone their separate ways at this point.  Paparazzi are waiting for her as she heads out for the day asking her questions about her relationship with Rainer. Somehow they think Paige and Rainer are an item.

Rainer gets all the info so he can cat sit for his mom. Jordan shows up as Rainer is getting off the phone. Jordan’s latest gift is in celebration of his movie that’s premiering tonight. The two talk about the premiere and it comes out that Tangey is still upset over Jordan keeping his mom a secret, so he may be going to the premiere solo. The two have a little heart to heart with Rainer giving a little relationship advice.

Paige and Cassie have an awkward meet up at on campus and the two kind of catch up. Cassie has all the details on what’s up with Jake and does not share Paige’s concern over him dropping out of school to take the job on the movie down in Texas. The two part ways as Paige gets hounded by paparazzi again, leaving Cassie feeling even more left out of the life she wanted.

Paige finally makes it to set. Rainer informers her that someone snagged a pic of them at dinner and that’s what’s caused the crazy.  This leads Rainer to give her some advice on how to deal with them and the two talk about Paige’s situation with Jake and Cassie.

Paige gets to her trailer and calls Cassie.  The Paparazzi have surrounded their apartment. Paige tries to smooth everything over by offering a night of Netflix and chill over the weekend. Cassie reluctantly accepts before Paige gets called to her scene. On the way to set, PA Adam talks about how cool it is that Jake got the PA gig and it comes out that he’s the one who got Jake the interview per Cassie’s request. This is all news to Paige, and she’s obviously a little hurt by the whole situation.

Jordan tries to smooth stuff over with Tangey at craft services. But she now has trust issues and charm isn’t going to fix this one.  Alexis, in a fat suit (I only point it out because it looks kind of weird and out of place), finds Paige on set to ask about Jake. Seems like Jake didn’t tell many people he was heading out of town for this movie gig.

After Jordan and Paige wrap the rehearsal of the proposal scene that is to hang over the whole of the movie LOCKED, Alan celebrates the premiere of Joran’s movie premiere by gifting a bottle of champaign. It’s also announced that the whole cast will be walking the carpet at the premiere.

Paige comes home to find Cassie packing up some of Jake’s things. She confronts Cassie about getting Jake the interview. The two see the situation totally differently, no one is really seeing things clearly. Paige just wants everything to be the way it was, Cassie and Jake are getting burned by Hollywood and are, in some ways, blaming Paige for their lack of success now that she’s found it when she never wanted it.

The next morning Cassie and PA Adam have coffee and she vents about Paige.  Getting things off her chest and Adam encouraging her to keep trying to work everything out seems to get Cassie in a better place. But when she returns home to Paige getting a fitting for the premiere in their living room after being hounded again by paparazzi, the wind is let out of her sail. Things get even more strained between the two after Cassie figures out their girls night is on hold because of the last minute movie premiere required appearance.

Cassie heads over to PA Adam, and vents about walking in on the fashion show. Adam shares his story about how he ended up in LA. He had a friend who hit it big and became a huge Saturday Night Live star.  This lead to Adam feeling like a hanger-on, just another part of his entourage, so he moved to LA. The two are still friends, and Adam thinks the distance saved their friendship, giving Cassie a little bit of hope.

Jordan runs into Tangey on Rodeo drive after his power lunch to talk about what’s next. He tries to explain why he kept his past hidden and expresses his frustration over her not understanding his controlling mom when she does nothing but complains about hers.

Paige is a little taken aback when Wyatt calls her and Rainer in to rehearse their sex scene. Rainer is playing it cool but Paige is kind of freaking out about what will and won’t be shown. Rainer gives a little advice about how to handle the scene and the two talk about where Noah and August are at this point of the movie to help figure out how to play the scene. The real life feelings of Paige and Rainer are totally showing through as the two block out the movie’s scene.

Tangey shows up at the recording studio and finds her mom talking with a Country Music writer. Seems like her mom is starting to accept Tangey’s reverse Taylor Swift music career. But her mom isn’t so keen on her getting back together with Jordan. To prove her point, Tangey’s mom lays out the story about Jordan killing his mom’s boyfriend. Tangey shows up at Rainer’s trailer after finding out the news. Rainer talks her back from the freakout that her mom caused, explaining the circumstances that lead to the murder.

After finishing a stunt scene, Rainer and the stunt man chat about how well Rainer does with his stunts. Rainer gives the credit to his “dad,” a stunt man on a movie his mom was working on. The two talk more and it comes out that the man Rainer thought was his father was actually gay, so the chances of him being Rainer’s dad are pretty slim. (The stunt man refers to the man Rainer thought was his dad as “his partner.” This leads to a confusing moment for the audience since we don’t know much about the stunt man on LOCKED. Partner could mean dating/in a relationship or it could mean work/stunt partners.  Guess it’s not super important, but to me, it’s one of those nagging little loose ends. And if you want it to be a characteristic of a character, make it super clear, not gray. It does get clarified later in the episode, but still not my favorite way to explain information.)  This leaves Rainer to question everything he thought he knew about his past.

Nina shows up at her office after just getting back from NYC to find Rainer in her office ready to confront her about who his father is. Rainer puts two and two together and figures out Alan is his father. Finding a picture of Nina and Alan in an old photo album is the final piece of the puzzle for him to figure it out. Rainer expresses his hurt over being lied and walks out of the office, all with Nina’s assistant ease dropping on the whole conversation.

Cassie finally figures out that her hurt and frustration is because of her feelings not because of what Paige is doing. Paige tries to invite Cassie to the premiere and Cassie is finally able to explain everything she’s feeling and tells Paige that she’s moving out.

Rainer gets home after confronting his mom and spots a bottle of vodka in one of Jordan’s gift baskets. Paige is set to walk her first red carpet but waits for Rainer before walking. Jordan and Tangey find a quiet moment just off the carpet. She says she’s fine with his past and wants to get back together. Jordan is all excited and thinks’s she’s talking about his past with Nina, whoops, that reunion was short-lived.

Rainer finally shows up and he’s drunk and starts a fight with one of the photographers who’s heckling him. He then punches Alan while getting dragged off the carpet. The episode closes with Paige standing shocked on the red carpet.


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