#FamousinLove Recap: Crazy Scripted Love

The episode starts Paige filming a scene in LOCKED. She’s with her movie daughter on a beautiful set and is filming an emotional scene with Rainer and she’s not able to turn on the tears.  She’s still dealing with the fallout from the big blowup with Cassie.

Jordan finds out that another project he’d worked on got him a Golden Globe nomination.

Ida, Tangey’s mom, confronts Nina over firing Tangy. Nina tries to keep her cool, but Ida isn’t having any of it. It’s time for the lawyers to get involved.

Alexis has a meeting with Newcastle to talk again about bringing in the playwright to rewrite Jake’s play. She tries to fight for Jake but doesn’t get anywhere. She’s then told she has to inform Jake about the hired gun and that he’s off the project as writer.

Jordan meets with the bookie’s representative about the debt his mom, Brandy, has to repay. Jordan says he’ll take them on if they’ll leave his mother alone.

Paige and Alan have an awkward encounter in the hair and make-up trailer while he’s looking for Rainer. It comes out that Paige has a meeting with Newcastle. Alan continues looking for Rainer and finds him tossing a football around with a crew member. Alan steps in and the two have a little bonding moment over their love of the game and find out they have a shared interest in surfing.

Paige’s meeting with Newcastle goes well. She’s not up for the movie she’s interested in but, is pitched Jake’s movie and finds out about Jake being replaced as writer on his script. She’s totally put in an awkward situation, does she or doesn’t she tell him. But at least the Newcastle people are interested in working with Paige…

Paige and Cassie are still not talking. Paige tries to talk to Jake about it, but he’s totally engrossed in his rewrites, that we know are pointless.

Jordan has a sit down with Nina. He asks if their brake-up impacted Tangey being taken off the movie and if she knows why Barrett Hopper is snooping around. He also spills the beans about what’s going on with the bookie. Nina says she’ll work on getting him an advance for his work on LOCKED. The two share a more than friendly, innocent kiss before he leaves.

Jake and Alexis meet for lunch and to talk about his script. He’s so excited that he’s finished his rewrites that he doesn’t let her get a word in edgewise. Paige and Rainer end up having lunch at the same restaurant as Jake & Alexis. They have a bit of an awkward interaction and Paige confides in Rainer about what she learned at the Newcastle meeting. He says not to tell Jake, to keep business and personal separate, it’s the producer’s job, not hers to tell Jake. Rainer tries to hold Paige’s hand, and she throws the “keep business and pleasure separate” advice back at him. I think he’s enjoying this little game.

Back on set, Alan makes another stop by the hair and make-up trailer where this time he gets what he was after before, Rainer’s hairbrush. Yep, he’s totally sleuthing, putting two and two together. He’s trying to confirm if Rainer is his son.

Nina stops by Rainer’s apartment. She continues congratulating Jordan on his Golden Globe nomination. Rainer and Nina then get into a conversation about why Alan was on set and the two were talking. She’s still kind of twitchy with trying to balance all the crazy that she’s created over firing Tangey. Rainer gives her the great idea of filming two versions of the time sorceress, “Leila,” scenes, solving the problem and making everyone happy.

When Paige gets home, Alexis is also there waiting on Jake. The two talk it out about her not telling Jake yet about him being off the rewrites. Jake walks out just to hear the word “fired” and she’s forced to spill it all. Jake does not take it well even though Alexis is trying hard to explain what happened. It also comes out that the story is about Jake’s unrequited love for Paige. Alexis tries to patch things up and show him the bright side, but Jake ends their relationship.

Paige and Jake talk after Alexis leaves. Jake expresses how naive he feels over the whole situation. She tries to think of creative ways for Jake to produce the movie himself, she convinces him to try and get his movie back.

Ida gives Nina one last chance to get Tangey back on the movie before she brings in the lawyers. Nina shares Rainer’s almost finalized big idea to have the two version of Leila. Nina also gets Ida to call off Barrett Hopper’s digging into Jordan. Nina seems pretty smug thinking she’s got everything worked out after Ida leaves her office.

Jake crashes the Newcastle meeting with the new writer on his script. Jake thinks because he hasn’t been paid that he can still get his script back. He’s sadly mistaken on this point. Alexis tries to work things out, but Jake signed the contract, so he’s SOL.

Alan shows up on Nina’s doorstep to confront her about Rainer being his son. He goes through everything that has led him to this conclusion and then hits her with the fact that he’s sent out hair samples to be tested. Nina tries to refute him, but the DNA testing is the smoking gun she can’t brush aside. She finally admits to him that yes, Rainer is Alan’s son. The story comes out as to why she chose not to tell Alan the truth. She begs him not to tell him, she wants to tell him first. Alan makes no promises about waiting until she’s back from NYC to tell him.

The morning after the failed attempt to get his script back, Jake drops the news to Paige that he’s dropping out of film school to PA on a big movie in Texas. Paige tries to talk him out of it, but things are slowly falling apart and the Trio is no so much a trio anymore.

Paige is back on set and has a heart to heart with Rainer to try and work through things so she can get her head back into the movie and not let everything else distract her from what she has to do.  Rainer tells Paige the story about why he got sober to show how he gets emotional so he can cry during the needed scenes. (The story: when Rainer was 16, he got into an accident on the Pacific Coast Hwy, he was wasted. Fortunately, the people in the other car survived, but it was the wake-up call he needed.) Paige then talks with Wyatt, the director of LOCKED, about shooting the scene from the start of this episode again and convinces him to give her another chance to cry on tape.  This time, she nails it.

Jakes meets with the bookie’s representative to hand off the money. Paige gets home and realizes that Jake isn’t home, he’s in Austin for the PA interview. Paige tries to do everything to get him to come back, but he’s set on making his own way. And we find out that Nina’s assistant is really a mole for Barrett Hopper. Oh, and she snapped a pic of that “innocent” kiss between Jordan and Nina…Will this be the end of Nina and the launching point for Barrett?

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