Blood Rose Rebellion Review

What I loved most about Blood Rose Rebellion (outside of that stunning cover) was the magic system and the Hungarian inspired lore. This was something different in a genre where everything seems to be the same these days. I liked the idea of a magic reservoir. Any time that magic has a finite or a yin-yang quality it seems much more believable to me. The other thing I enjoyed most in reading this was how Rosalyn brought in 19th century Hungary’s history and blended it with a magic system. I swear, there were moments where I thought, wait, did this really happen?

Now this is one of those main-character-doesn’t-have-powers tropes, and I think that’s what made me a little weary as I read on. I’ve seen a lot of this before — even the inevitable revolution-against-the-ruling-magical-class idea. Somewhere in the midst of a cool magical system and the different mythology I mentioned above, I got a bit bored. Perhaps it’s the lack of tension (or stretching it out too much) in the plot that I tend to pick up on.

Don’t get me wrong, there are elements that will pull you into the story. You will keep reading to see what Anna is and how her lack of power fits into her world. Will she change things? Will the class system change? All these questions are there to be answered.

I think if you’re in the mood for a Victorian historical setting that’s different from the usual Western Europe (okay, the usual United Kingdom one), I would give this story a try. It has all the elements that historical romance readers love plus magic.

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