#FamousInLove Recap: Secret & Pies

Paige is multitasking, studying while stretching for dance rehearsal. Rainer is not talking to Paige or showing up for dance rehearsal after she bailed on him for Vegas.

Rainer and Jordan are sleeping on lawn chairs. Jordan can’t track down any of their stuff at his mom’s old pawn shop haunts. Rainer is playing like everything is cool from Paige to having to get his designer to order new, same as before, furniture.

Jake is working on rewrites on his play. Alexis right there in bed with him reviewing his work. Why not mix a little business with pleasure.

Alan breaks the news to Tangey that she’s no longer in the movie, but is still doing some of the music. Tangey is not taking this well… She blows up at Rainer in the parking lot accusing him of knowing that she was going to be “fired.” Rainer can hardly get a word out before she storms off and Jordan chases after. Jordan is the supportive boyfriend saying they’ll figure it all out, there’s no way this can happen. Little does Jordan, or anyone else, know all the crazy that Nina is pulling behind the scenes. The two make plans to hang out later at Jordan’s while he shoots all night.

Barrett Hopper (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), our favorite gossip show host, is on set covering the revolving door that is the “Time Sorcerous” role, now being played by Xu YiFei (Brianne Tju).  And Cassie is fawning over Twitch when she shows up on her first day to be Paige’s assistant. Don’t think Cassie is super pumped about being Paige’s assistant, and when Rainer’s assistant starts going in on everything she has to do, I don’t think Paige has a clue how much work she’s really asking her BFF to do.

Rainer gives Xu YiFei a tour of the set that’s a deja vu moment for Paige as she happens upon them mid-tour.

Jake and Alexis have a meeting with Newcastle Studios about the script. Jake gets more notes and Alexis gets a list of actresses to see if she has any relationships she can work since she’s the producer on the movie. Guess who’s at the top of the studio’s list, yep, Alexis’ ex, Rachel Davis.

Tangey gets a big surprise when she shows up at Rainer’s to wait for Jordan, Jordan’s Mom. Jordan shows up moments later to be part of the whole scene. His parents are supposed to be dead, so Tangey doesn’t take well to being lied to and storms out while Jordan is left dealing with his mom, who’s not supposed be coming back.  Jordan’s mom spills about what happened to all the furniture. Aiden, Jordan’s mom’s ex, and the man Jordan killed, left some pretty big debts with his bookies when he died. Since Jordan’s mom left him unable to pay, those debts are now hers.

Paige is late to her econ class, not endearing her to her professor.

Alexis has to suck it up and talk to Rachel. It doesn’t go well when Alexis catches up with her before her Yoga class.  Alexis makes a second attempt to get Rachel on the movie and tracks her down at a local restaurant. They hash out their past over drinks, including Alexis’ inability to come out instead of hiding that she’s gay. The heart to heart works and Rachel agrees to read the script.

Rainer and Jordan are doing a stunt scene. Rainer is really pushing to do his own stunts. After the scene, the two continue the conversation about Tangey being taken off the film. Jordan is still trying to cover up his relationship with Nina, it’s funny to watch him every time some asks “why would she do that.” He’s trying really hard to play innocent.

Jordan goes to Rainer to get the money to pay off the bookies. Rainer things 750k deserves an explanation for where the money’s going. Jordan spills about Aiden and how he treated his mother and how one night he just couldn’t take the abuse anymore and he killed him.

Cassie finally comes clean to Paige that she doesn’t think being her assistant is going to work out. Their awkward exchange leads to Cassie and Paige to lash out at each other over everything from Paige getting the movie and living out Cassie’s dream, to Paige wishing Cassie had never dragged her to the audition, to everything being so easy for Paige.

Jordan and Rainer are back filming the stunt scene. Rainer does the stunt freaking everyone out, including Alan who’s on set. After they find that all is well, Rainer says not to worry, it’s in his blood, his dad was a stunt man. Alan doesn’t remember the stuntman, but he does remember the movie… Alan is starting to put the pieces together.

Jake runs into Paige as she’s studying at a local restaurant and he’s looking for a place to work on rewrites. The two start talking about Cassie and Paige feeling bad about her role in how Cassie is feeling. This is also the first friendly talk the two have had in a while. The night ends with a little stress eating of pie before Paige’s big econ midterm.

Tangey and her mom have another run in at the studio over her career. Tangey’s mom convinces her to let her finish what she started with the LOCKED deal, saying Nina owes her and she’ll be back on the movie in no time.

Paige confronts Rainer about blowing her off for the last few days. She thinks she’s knocked his ego down a few rungs, and he thinks he’s won since she blinked first and came to him.

Paige has a meeting with her econ professor. She get’s 100% on her midterm, and uses that, and her new found fame, to barter with her professor to get her econ paper to count toward her grade.

Rainer finally shows up for a dance rehearsal. Twitch gives a profound speech about the dance that is also about Paige and Rainer’s relationship. The two seem to be back on the same page again, the chemistry is undeniable.

Rachel shows up at Alexis, and is almost all in on doing the movie. She has one condition, an award-winning playwright does the rewrites, not Jake.

Alan starts digging deeper into Rainer’s parentage. He pulls Rainer’s file in Nina’s office and looks at his birth certificate.

Barrett Hopper confronts Jordan about his past. He’s been doing some digging and is on the right track. Jordan threatens him to stay out of it, Barrett comes back that he’ll find someone else to talk. He’ll get his story either way.

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