#FamousInLove Recap: “A Star is Torn”

And the drama builds in “A Star is Torn,” episode 2 of Famous in Love.

This episode is really about being torn in so many ways. The episode opens with Paige freaking out about her parents coming to town and finding out that she’s going to try and balance school and the movie. The hopes of doing both are quickly dashed as she has her first meeting with Nina and she finds out the role of August is going to be expanded for the movie.

Tensions between Paige and Jake are also continuing to rise. It’s obvious she has a connection with both Jake and Rainer, but she’s still waiting to have that conversation with Jake and Rainer is well, Rainer. An awkward hug/almost kiss over the excitement of Jake’s meeting with the agent about his script highlights the going issue that Paige is going to have to address at some point.  And then there’s Cassie being all weird about the mystery guy she’s running off to see that her BFFs don’t know about. again, you can tell she’s torn between telling and not. She knows what she’s doing isn’t 100% above board, but it has some sort of allure.

Paige then has to figure out how to break the news to her parents. Here mom will prove to be way more accepting of this than her education driven father.  Her mom gets all excited with Paige after catching her in a lie about her evening plans as Paige prepares for the big cast announcement party. Her dad, on the other hand, takes a little more convincing. But it all seems to work out, even if dad agrees begrudgingly.

Nina’s true colors start shining through as we continue to see how she’s manipulating the press and events surrounding the production of the movie. The studio behind LOCKED is getting a new head and that could make things a little more challenging to get the movie through to filming. We know from the last episode, she’s not above feeding the press a few alternative facts to get things moving in her favor. The anonymous tips brings Tangey (Pepi Sonuga), former girlfriend of both Jordan and Rainer, to the negotiation table to work out how to mitigate the “bad press.”

Nina’s manipulating skills are very much on point throughout the episode as she plays Jordan, Rainer and Tangey and others. You can tell there’s more going on than we as viewers currently know about. And as we find out who the new studio head is, things may just be getting hairier for Nina.

The cast party is on point with the crazy overload of being the center of attention for the first time. Paige, Jake and Cassie are all in attendance at the party along with the press, the rest of the cast, and the myriad of other people who attend such parties, including Cassie’s mystery man. We know Cassie is accepting cash for whatever it is she’s doing, and an awkward moment at the bar almost has her little secret coming to light in front of Jake. But it takes until the end of the episode for us to find out a bit more of what’s going on with Cassie.

Jordan runs into a mystery girl while he’s leaving a lunch meeting. She seems to know him, but he’s playing it cool saying you must have me confused with someone else. Later in the episode her get’s a text from the mystery girl alluding to a possible skeleton in his closet.

But Cassie’s drama isn’t the only drama at the party. Tensions run high when Jordan, Rainer and Tangey are all in the same room for the first time since the falling out between Jordan and Rainer over Tangey. But Nina is right there to work the scenario she has created and to present the united front she’s worked so hard to achieve.

The show continues with the bookend wrap up of the show. We get a look at what Cassie is running off to do with the mystery man. We get another almost kiss, but this time it’s Paige with Rainer and is broken up by her parents who now both know about her starting role in LOCKED.  The new head of the studio is announced and we end the episode with Paige’s dad finally relenting and ends his anti-movie stance.

So much drama, but then it is a Freeform show, and it’s why we all watch!  I’m intrigued to see where the show goes and how it’s going to weave all these little plot lines through the season. The show has definitely gone into more detail about all the “Hollywood drama” than the books do and has also made some different choices in the plot. So we’ll see, but here’s to a crazy ride.

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