The Whole Thing Together Blog Tour: Review

The Whole Thing Together is absolutely phenomenal story telling. You are dropped in the middle of this family with multiple storytellers and you just fit right in -you are another sibling sharing the house.

The house is what holds this dysfunctional family together; a married couple with 3 daughters shares a house each week. One week one family lives there with the girls and the following week another family. But it is not a civil relationship. The children from the “parents” current marriages share the same room, but they have never met. They feel like they know each other, each of them having a warped view of the other and the others parents.  Every birthday or extended family gathering has been held separate.  The parents are very hateful towards each other – they try to say ” do what’s best for the kids,” but they really do not live that lifestyle.

One the oldest daughter gets engaged the younger sisters decided to throw a bridal shower ( a test run for the all family wedding) – the shower goes horribly wrong and hard, life altering lessons are learned. The very thing that holds them together is shattered but they may be able to hold on to what they have and learn to love again.

This was the first book I’ve read by Ann Brashares, but it definitely will not be the last. She has a way of weaving multiple points of view into one amazing novel.

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