#NERVE Movie Review

So in researching the movie, I realized that NERVE is based on the book by Jeanne Ryan. I have not read the book (though I will be reading it now) so this review will focus totally on the movie, not how it compares to the book (though I do have a feeling that it’s close, but not quite the same from reading the book description).  So with that said, here we go.

I was able to see an early screening of NERVE thanks to Lionsgate on Monday in Chicago. I kind of knew what i was getting myself into, a high energy crazy story that’s a bit of a cautionary tale about online gaming and the power of the internet. NERVE was that and sooo much more! I totally enjoyed the movie, it was fun, full of adventure and it makes you realize that your online profile can come back to haunt you.

The story follows Vee as she jumps into the world of NERVE because she wants to prove she’s not the steady wallflower that her friends think she is. Once she clicks “player” and enters the world of NERVE, her world quickly changes. It’s about the dares and the cute boy the watchers want her to team up with. If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, The DUFF and similar edgy YA type stories, you’ll love this movie.

I thought the soundtrack was amazing, totally fun and not your normal run of the mill songs. They did a great job of finding the right song for the right moment. I also thought they way they made the game and the internet a character in the movie was really well done. You can tell as a viewer how much thought was put into how NERVE would be made viable to the audience so the movie wasn’t akin to one big car chase happening across the city with dares in between.

The other aspect of the movie that really impacted me was they showed actions have consequences.  In so many movies and books characters do these crazy stunts or get into fabulous situations, but there’s no ramifications for their “grey” choices. I really like this new trend in YA movies and books that shows bad choices lead to bad situations, but just because you’ve gone down a wrong path does not mean you cant change course.

All in all, NERVE is an action packed, crazy awesome story that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish and leave you wanting to check your social media settings.

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