Divergent Series #Allegiant Bluray Combo Pack Review

This review will just be of the bonus features on the Bluray Combo release. You can check out the full Movie Review from the theatrical release. You can get all the information on the different editions of Allegiant and features on our Bluray/DVD Release Information post.

I enjoyed watching the extras. The six features o Allegiant: Book to Film o Battle in the Bullfrog: The Stunts and Choreography Behind This Thrilling Sequence o Finding the Future: Effects & Technology o Characters in Conflict: The Motivations Behind the Film’s Antagonists o The Next Chapter: Cast & Characters o Building the Bureau – are all well produced, informative and fun to watch.

I thought it was interesting that the features highlighted many of the things book fans took issue with in the movie. It was interesting to hear how and why they made the choices they did. I still don’t totally agree with them, but it was nice to hear that they always had the heart of the character at the forefront of their decision making. For me, the fact that the characters stayed true to themselves through the changes was what kept me engaged in the movie.

I’d love for some of these features to go a little deeper in the future. I kind of feel like the extras in the Hunger Games and the Divergent Series are starting to have a similar feel.  Having interviews or going more in depth on how the sets and structures were built would be a nice change of pace for the extras. But with that said, you know you’ll always get quality extras from a Lionsgate Bluray.

The commentary is with producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher. I like that they talk about random things like where the cast likes to go to eat or their family members visiting set. It’s fun to hear about the non-movie stories that happened while filming. They also provide a lot of fun different information, it’s like you’re having a conversation with them about the movie, the actors and the characters.

Overall this is a solid Bluray release. You definitely know what you’re getting when you buy a Lionsgate Bluray. Fun menu screen that you’ll want to watch all the way through to see what fun things they’ve included, interesting well produced behind the scenes features, and a quality commentary that you’ll want to listen to.

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