The Choice DVD Review

I’ve seen pretty much every Nicholas Sparks movie, going back to A Walk to Remember, but I’ve never read one of the books. Odd, I know! But for me these are stories I enjoy watching, not reading, mostly because you know the plot, you know how the story is going to go. So they are movies you can put on in the background while I work on PTB or whatever. Because of this, I didn’t have too much expectation for The Choice, and it totally blew me away!

The Choice harkens back to the magic that I REALLY enjoyed in A Walk to Remember and the Notebook. The story is about Gabby, a 20something studying to be a doctor and Travis a slightly older guy who’s running a veterinarian practice with his father. They are next door neighbors right on the water and you watch their relationship grow over time.

Gabby and Travis are great characters that are flawed and real and just fun. I love Gabby’s spunk and personality and how she doesn’t just swoon over the guy. Travis is one of those guys who women just drool over, but he’s hiding some sorrow with the charm. It was nice to watch them have that instant connection but yet their relationship grew an flowed, it didn’t just go BANG let’s get it on.  I liked that it showed a relationship growing over time and the mistakes they both make and it showed they aren’t perfect, but they are in love.

My only issue with the movie is that it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie. I know, I watch them all and how can I be annoyed with this, but that’s it. When you say it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie you know what you’re going to get. Yes, The Choice is a better version than we’ve gotten in a long time, but you still know you’re going to get two people going through a dark place to find love and then there’s going to be tragedy and we then watch as the characters deal with that. The Choice does bring a TON of humor and romance, but at the hear of it, you know what you’re getting. I know Nicholas Sparks has a brand, but I’d love to see him doing something a little different, and change it up a bit if we get any more adaptations in the future.

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