Allegiant Movie Review

Allegiant is a good movie, it’s full of action and great visuals, but if you’re wanting 100% the book, you’ll probably be disappointed, but you shouldn’t. The book Allegiant has two very distinct plots – to stop the faction war that’s going on in Chicago and to figure out what’s going on beyond the wall and deal with whatever threats/issues/potential good that may be out there and can help Chicago. Allegiant the movie totally looks at those two issues and finds a pretty natural break between the two stories to end Allegiant.

Does it do everything in the same way that the book does, NO, but the characters are still the same, and that’s my big thing. Four is still snippy because he’s not included and still has his undying love for Tris. Tris is still making selfless choices for the greater good. Caleb is geeking out over the new tech and you can see he’s trying to be a better person. Peter is still his annoying, funny, sometimes love-able self. And David, well he’s probably creepier in the movie than he was in the book, and that’s totally to Jeff Daniels acting. So I really think fans of the book will enjoy the story and seeing their favorite characters make a lot of the same good and bad choices they did in the book.

The movie picks up shortly after the end of in Insurgent. They are trying to figure out what’s beyond the wall and if it’s safe to venture out. Evelyn has everything on lock down and the trails have begun. This leads to the start of the faction war. No huge spoiler, the gang goes beyond the wall and discovers what’s out there. I appreciate that most of what’s been included in the trailers and TV clips have been from the first few minutes of the movie or from very specific scenes from beyond the wall. I never felt like I was just watching the movie to fill in the gaps between what I’ve already scene like I did with the first two movies. It was fun to be able to just enjoy the movie and discover the world in a new way. while still getting the characters I love.

Allegiant is a must see on the big screen. One of my favorite parts of the movies is how visual stunning they are and how they totally bring this dystopian world to life and Allegiant does it again. I’m totally sad I have to wait one more year for Ascendant, but after seeing Allegiant I’m totally excited to see how they end this series.

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  1. Stacey you’ll never know how much it meant to me the night of the NYC Allegiant Premiere when you were talking with Veronica Roth and gave me your Allegiant Book. I will cherish it forever and you. I have a couple extra hc Allegiant books I would like to send to you so if you could email me your address I will be able to get them to you. Thank You, your kindness and thoughtfulness is a true blessing. Wanda Janssen


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