The 5th Wave Movie Review

Avid readers know, that book to movie screenplays do not always work out – That does not seem to be an issue with The 5th Wave; I took my teen, who is obsessed with this series to see the movie, I on the other hand have not read this series. We both enjoyed the movie. Sure some scenes were re-imagined (more than likely to keep the PG -13 rating) and some where left out completely. Did it stop my daughter from enjoying the movie – no, she liked the changes they made but was a bit aggravated her favorite scene was left out. I, as someone who had not read the books, did not feel “left out, confused” the story-line was pretty straight forward and I had figured out the main plot twist early on, so it wasn’t a huge surprise. If you enjoy a good scifi flick – check this one out, I do not think you will be disappointed.

For more information on The 5th Wave check out their website|facebook|twitter|instagram


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