Insurgent Movie Review

The Divergent Series: Insurgent hits theaters tonight (get your tickets HERE) and more widely tomorrow. I got to see the movie on Monday at the premiere in NYC (premiere post coming soon) and wanted to share my thoughts on the movie with you.

I really enjoyed the movie! We got to see it in 3D, SO AMAZING, it really made the world rich and full and it all just felt natural. It doesn’t have things popping out at you or anything like that, the 3D just makes it feel like you’re in the world, experiencing it with the characters.

If you’re a fan of the books, I’m sure you’ve figured out that they’ve made some changes to stream line the story and plot, because there’s a TON going on in the book, and yeah, 5 hour movies don’t really work. I liked how they put the ideas together and made it something that’s approachable to people who haven’t read the books and it’s still familiar to those who have. I am sad that a couple of my favorite scenes weren’t included, but I think the movie really captures the tone of the book and really gets the important things across.

Miles Teller and Theo James really stole the movie for me. Miles has some great lines and the way he embodies the snarky smart ass that is Peter is perfect. He has one scene where it’s just him and the smirk on his face is perfect. And Theo, OMG this movie makes me even more excited for Allegiant part 2. The way he shows Four’s total love and devotion to Tris is amazing. Theo just plays Four perfectly, it’s awesome to watch on screen.

I really hope you all go see it this weekend and remember that it’s an adaptation, all of your favorite lines and scenes aren’t going to make it in, and sometimes the movie is better for that. Watch the movie and look for the characters you love and enjoy watching them come to life.


  1. Im so excited to see Insurgent! When Divergent came out I made my fiance and my friend read the book then I dragged them to the movie and told them they were in my book club. Now its time to get them both to read Insurgent so they will see the movie with me! Great post! ❤ Bee @ Bee Reads Books


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